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Beware. These recipes are addictive. But don’t worry, it’s a healthy addiction. Enjoy and share.


Lemon zest vs lemon juice??

Both have their places in cooking.


why don’t you need to peel carrots?

Trust me, no one will ever know if the carrots you put in soups, stews or roasted vegetable dishes are peeled or not.


burrata vs mozzarella, what’s the difference?

Burrata is essentially mozzarella with cream on the inside. Mozzarella has a firmer texture and can be sliced neatly.


Peanut-Coated Sesame Chicken

This gluten-free, non-fried chicken will most definitely become a star in your culinary repertoire.


7 secrets to the best latkes?

You don't start cooking school called Meal and a Spiel if you can't make a mean latke.


What is a convection oven???

A common question from Meal and a Spiel cooking students.


What are the best winter veggies?

People think that there aren't good veggies in winter. Not true!


How to avoid the Thanksgiving food coma?

Eating less is NOT the answer this chef will give you!

vigor trigger

Nature’s Sunshine Chlorophyll

This stuff is energizing, alkalizing, and has a mild, minty flavor. Super yummy in water!


Amazingly Amazing Root Vegetable Soup

If you can boil water and use a blender, you can make this soup. Complex in it's simplicity.


Why don’t Italians put cheese on top of seafood pasta?

If you're asking for cheese on top of your seafood pasta, I can promise you, your waiter is making fun of you.


How can I make desserts without cream?

Try coconut milk, or the even thicker coconut cream.


What kind of salt should I cook with?

Kosher. It has the best taste for cooking.


Linguine with Mussels and Clams

Most recipes for this dish mislead you and leave you with watery pasta. I break it down for perfection every time.


The Green Monkey Smoothie

I call this smoothie The Green Monkey because it makes you go bananas!


Do I really need to measure Ingredients?

Most savory cooking does not require precision.


Why don’t Italians drink cappuccino after a meal?

Restaurants in Italy that don't cater to tourists won't even serve you a cappuccino after a meal.


What ingredients should never go in the fridge?

I did not invent these no-­refrigeration principles. The Italians did. I am just the messenger.


Burnt on the Outside, Raw on the Inside?

If this phenomenon regularly happens to you, it might just be that you are missing one simple cooking hint

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