About Classes


Meal and a Spiel offers intimate hands on cooking experience for all levels. You will learn more than technique, you will learn how to “feel the cooking” so you can use the recipes as a jumping board for your own creations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are classes held?
In a private home near Sunset and Doheny in Los Angeles. To respect the privacy of the home, the address is provided upon sign up on the purchase confirmation page and in your email confirmation.
How many people are in a class?
There is a max number of 14 people for most classes.
Do I sign up for one individual class or do you offer longer courses in cooking?
You can sign up on a class by class basis. We also offer several class series that you can sign up for such  as the Monday Night Dinner Series (5 classes) and the Clean Eating Series (3 classes).  If you really want to up your game in the kitchen, we encourage you to make up your own cooking course by buying a package and picking and choosing your own classes.
What if I want to take a cooking class with a group of my friends?
Check out our Private Group Classes page.
What if I am a beginner, which class is right for me?
The class that draws your attention is the right class for you. I pay special attention to all of my students and will be certain that you learn at a pace that is correct for you. You will leave with an ability to cook more than you thought was possible from even just one class.
Is the food organic?
I use organic ingredients as much as possible. All meat and chicken are always hormone and antibiotic free. What living in Italy taught me is that quality ingredients are essential.
Is the food kosher?
No it is not, though I do not cook with any pork ever.
What if I have food allergies?
Welcome to the club! I have a sensitive system so I stay away from many foods myself. Many recipes have gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives, if they are not so already.
What is the structure of the classes?
Most classes are of the cook and eat variety. We cook and eat, cook and eat, cook and eat in the kitchen. A few times a year I offer dinner party cooking classes where we all cook a meal and take it to the backyard to sit at a table full of candles and flowers and eat as if we were in Italy.
Will there be wine?
All classes (except for those in the clean eating  series) begin with a glass of prosecco and a cheese plate. Students are encouraged to bring a bottle of wine if they want. Extra bottles can always be purchased for 20 dollars.
Is there any way I can take classes and save money?
Yes! Please see our packages.
Can men join the cooking classes?
Yes, yes and yes!
Can kids come to class?
We have had kids as young as 10 years old come who have a blast and come back for more. These are not children’s cooking classes, but mature children are welcome as long as you feel comfortable with them using a knife and being near the stove. They must be accompanied by an adult, which makes for a great bonding experience.
What is your cancellation policy?
A lot of hard work goes into preparing for a class and we ask that our students be committed to the process of learning. This is why all sales are final. At the same time, we understand that life happens. Cancellations made one week prior to the class date can happily be applied to a future class.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at Info@MealAndASpiel.com