kitchen tools

You don’t need a million things in your kitchen. But these are what I cannot live without. For your convenience, and so I don’t have to respond to as many emails, I have made it easy for you to buy my favorite kitchen tools without having to get off your tuchus.

Bridal registry? This is what I recommend you ask for.

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Baking Sheet (Large)

Bakers Big Sheet natural aluminum commercial bakeware is made of pure aluminum which will never...

Bamboo Disposable Plates

An elegant and eco-friendly way to entertain.

Brush (Silicone)

Bristle brushes suck and are hard to clean. Not this! A must have...

Carving Board (Wood)

Essential for cooked meats and roasts. Doubles as a cheese board if you turn it...

Colander- Pasta Strainer

A colander with a lot of holes so your pasta will drain FAST and not...

Cutting Board (Bamboo – 3 Piece Set)

Bamboo is known for its strength, odor-resistant, and anti-fungal qualities. Makes for great cutting boards.

Cutting Boards (Flexible)

I have two sets. I use one, throw it in dishwasher and grab another! Space...

Cutting Boards (Flexible)

Use one, throw it in dishwasher, grab another. Takes up little space.

Fire Pit

Perfect for casual outdoor entertaining. I have and love this one!

Food Processor

Don’t get smaller ones. A must have for anyone who plans to cook more than...

Grill Pan (Double Burner)

This grill is a must for anyone who wants to make great food,...

Grill Pan (Single Burner)

Necessary. I'd buy the double burner one, not available here now. Go to William Sonoma.

Immersion Blender & Whisk

Puree soups right in the pot. No mess. And use whisk for whipped cream with...

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Not everyone needs this. A luxury. I use my mother’s to make challah once a...