Everything was wonderful. The kids ate more than they ever do!

— Sherri (client of our catering team)

Elana, I just want to thank you for the fantastic class tonight. I can’t wait to get to the market tomorrow morning and purchase the ingredients for the dishes. The class was so much fun.

— Rosemary

I fed my 8 year old son the Nori Avocado Bomb from your “11 Healthy Snacks for the Munchies” video and he ate 4 of them!! My husband says we will never have to go out to sushi again because it satisfies our every sushi craving. We are loving it.

— Josephine Preston

I followed your rack of lamb recipe to the “T” for a dinner party and it was perfect. They devoured it! So delicious. Thank you.

— Tiffany Yu. (banker, mother, musician)

My fiance wouldn’t eat yams, but he loves them in your Tuscan Roasted Vegetables. I use your recipes all the time. He was so picky, but not any more!

— Kara Z. , Miami

You are such a wonderful role model for women and men both young and old(er). So many people say there isn’t time to cook in their busy lives but you make cooking easy, simple and healthy and not a time-consuming problem. I am thinking of you on this Thanksgiving day, as I begin the process of cooking a simple, delicious Elana-inspired meal.

— Patsy Palmer

What was the big hit at our seder? Elana’s roasted cauliflower! I use her recipes all the time!

— Lori Tessel
V.P. Major Gifts, The Jewish Federation of Greater L.A./ Wife/Mother of two

I made the Puttanesca tonight. OMG. It turned out perfect.

— Cindy Koral
Badass Beverly Hills mother of 3/Grandmother of 1/Wife to a lucky man

I just watched some of your videos online.  I LOVE YOU.  Your shit is so funny and at the same time SINCERE in such a non bullshitty way that is so refreshing.

— Sara Agniel
Providence Rhode Island, Follower of the Blog

I had the best time with everyone – such a fun class. The food was SO amazing that I made everything (except dessert) for Shabbat last week and got rave reviews!!!!!! Looking forward to the next class!!

— Alexis Speed

I want to thank you so much for such a fabulous job at my house! I know the circumstances weren’t perfect, but Elana really pulled it off! Elana is one talented girl!!! Looking forward to more fun dinners with her!

— Rochelle

The Roasted Tomato on Multi-grain Toast with Raw Honey and Fresh Basil was an unexpected surprise! I loved the combination of the sweet raw honey with the savory roasted tomato. I’ve made it several times already, and everyone loves it as much as I do!

— Diana

The kugel was amazing. My guests couldn’t believe it was non-dairy!  Yum!  I also made your roasted vegetables recipes.  It was a great combination. So easy beautiful and tasted great. Thank you for helping me to make a wonderful meal for family and friends. L’Shana Tova.

— Nancy Sacks

I made the beef last night – I cannot tell you how great it came out! My husband couldn’t believe it wasn’t brisket. I cooked it for 4.5 hours instead of the three. You could’ve cut it with a spoon!

— Marisa Lainer

My kids were freaking out when I made the veggies with cheese sauce. Violet said, “It’s not just good, it’s so yummy! Will you make this every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner?!”

— Erika Felsenthal

Thank you, Elana! What a fun afternoon–loved ALL your recipes. Hope to see you again soon 🙂

— Sheila Quint

We had a choice to go to couples therapy or couples cooking classes so we chose Meal and A Spiel. We’re happy and going on 28 years!

— Ron & Tracy Smith

Thank you for a wonderful class! You definitely inspired me to want to cook outside my normal flavors. I look forward to reading through your site and emails!

— Nicole Wilson

Thank you Elana for such an incredible meal & being such a generous, passionate and fun host! You almost have me wanting to start cooking (which is saying a lot, believe me).

— Jeremy Blaise Crane

OMG…what has happened to me?! I mean, seriously? I have made a handful of meals (as in, been in the kitchen cooking less than 5 times—outside of baby food) since [my daughter] was born…Thank you Elana for such a great cooking class, delicious food and most of all, for the inspiration! You are awesome…If my husband has a heart attack tonight, you’ll know why—I cooked!

— Daniela Pinto

Thank you for encouraging us all to be better in the kitchen!  I sure as shit am inspired to eat more vegetables, add more herbs to my dishes and cook more often! Can’t wait to recreate these recipes!

— Jaime
New Canaan CT

Thanks for an amazing time in your class last week. The food was yummy and now I can make some proper and authentic pasta when my friends are over.

— Carlo Shiny
Tabibi / Business Owner /Handsome Catch

Before Elana I used to define cooking as standing over the sink to eat a sandwich. Elana makes it really easy to learn how to cook (even for me) and the food is unbelievably good. Her Coconut Carob Trail-mix Cookie is best cookie I’ve ever had, hands down!

— Julie Stout
Rolfer to the Stars

I created the avocado bomb from memory when I got home [from class] and my husband LOVED it. So glad to have new clean recipes to enjoy with my friends.

— Vanessa S.

Thank you so much for the fantastic class last night! I made the brussels sprouts tonight and the dish was a huge hit with my family. Not a bite left. Looking forward to making the yummy, gluten-free Sunshine Pumpkin Pie next week.

— Ronna Berlin

Thank you so much for tonight, I absolutely loved the class and my classmates… and most of all Elana. What a gift she has for the “spiel,” you can see how much she really LOVES food and teaches it to others. I can’t wait to impart my new knowledge on my date this weekend!!!

— Ashley Walsh

Only you can inspire me to go to Whole Foods at 5:30pm on a Friday and buy all the ingredients to make your Chanukah dinner. Love you. Happy Chanukah, Mammala.

— Janet Rosenblatt

Once again we prepared and ate a fabulous meal with our chef/instructor Elana Horwich! I’ve been to several classes and every single one has been outstanding – food, company and ambiance.

— Karen Burstyn

Elana, your classes and the recipes I’ve learned have gotten me through the holidays. I cooked the brisket with some English accoutrements (minty peas, ginger carrots and Yorkshire pudding) on Christmas day, along with the pumpkin pie. On New Years I cooked your Chicken Tagine with Couscous, and your Blackberry Chiantishire dessert. Needless to say there was some great spiel over the food cooked and I’ve got you to thank for it. See you in class!

— Sophia Marsh-Ochsner

I must tell you how much I loved the slow foods cooking class. That same weekend, I prepared both the short ribs and the chicken… BOTH turned out delicious! Thank  you very much. I’m looking forward to my next class!

— Jill Dove

I roasted a chicken and my husband ate it to the carcass! Thank you Meal and a Spiel!

— Erika Felsenthal

I’ve made both dishes and they came out great! Who knew I could cook??

— Kathy

Aaron and I had a wonderful time last night and enjoyed meeting all of you! Thank you Elana for teaching us all of these incredible recipes! Would love to do it again soon!

— Jennifer Aftergood

Better than Spago, Cecconi’s, or any other restaurant!

— Melody Jazaeri

Every recipe I have tried of yours has been a hit with my husband and kids. No joke. Every single one. You’re wicked talented!

— Lily L.

Elana, I love to read what you write and what you write about. Please don’t take me off your mailing list EVER. As I’ve followed your career, I’ve so enjoyed reading about your many successes. You are truly a singular example of someone doing what he/she loves along with managing, sustaining and growing a thriving business. Your personal fulfillment seems to pervade everything you do.

— Susan G. 

My boyfriend hates vegetables, but he’ll eat anything I make that’s yours! It’s so true.

— Rachel D. 

I made your raw, vegan lemon cream pie for Passover and it was a big hit with my non-citrus dessert loving family! Thank you so much Elana!!

—Michelle E.

I really enjoyed your class. It was so easy, and I felt like I was learning and hanging out with old friends even though I just met everyone. I made your no-noodle lasagna last night and it was delicious … My husband wants me to sign up for every class that you offer! And my kids, who usually only like plain pasta, LOVED IT. (Of course, for them, I poured the meat sauce on penne, but that is the one way I could have them try it. Tonight is zucchini spaghetti with pesto!

— Azita B.
Student of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Pasta

I love love love being in your classes!! You are bringing so much joy to so many people – and families!! Thank you.

— Jessica Lori Samuel

I made your hidden carrot pasta sauce last night and it was the first time I felt like a good cook EVER … and it was the first time in a VERY long time I enjoyed something I made. So thank you.

— Kimberly Weinstein

The Rosemary Spiked Cannellini Crostini was a fabulous success! People were raving about it and I should have made double. We also made your Berry Cobbler and people were obsessed with it. Thanks for being my secret weapon.

— Rachel Rubin
Attorney at Law / Red Haired Flaming Beauty

Elana has taken the expertise she cultivated while living abroad 4 years in Italy and has lovingly built upon it to hone serious, extensive, and delicious, yet practical culinary chops. She welcomes you like a friend, and magnanimously shares her tricks of the trade– all with the passion, intellect, and sense of humor that would have your Uncle Earl inappropriately remarking how he’d give anything to be forty years younger.

— Caitlin Turner Durham
Artist/Teacher/Newly-Married Beauty

All I gotta say is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

— Ari Eisenberg

Thank you so much for a wonderful cooking class last night. I really enjoyed it and my husband LOVED the Turkey Meatballs I brought home.

— Larissa Block

I loved the class tonight and can’t wait to make the things we made tonight (yummm!) for my family.

— Nancy

Elana is passionate about food and about convincing everyone how much fun and rewarding it is to cook at home. Her creative and simple foolproof recipes emphasize quality, flavor, taste and presentation. With Elana’s informal, energetic, friendly teaching style, everyone is ready to participate. Elana inspires and influences us with her excitement for home cooking because the food is outstanding and each dish is simple to prepare with amazing outcomes.

— Suzanne Schweitzer

I am eating only your food and am blessing you with every bite I take. It is so yummy I am not craving anything or do not feel sad and deprived. My kids said my cooking is getting better and better thanks to you! I made the chicken, salmon, cauliflower, and fruit from class. I think it all came out great. I used white meat so it wasn’t as good, I am now converted . You are just the best. May God bless you for all the love and goodness you do for others , and all the light that shines from you.

— Janet Rosenblatt

My family LOVED the beef chuck with olive oil and mashed potatoes!!! Thank you!

— Myra Aron

Elana, thank you again for a wonderful day – I enjoyed it so much and I am still talking about it! Hope to see you again.

— Lori Friedman

Thanks again Elana.  We are so glad we all could hang out and make/eat delicious food together.

— Jessica Samuel

I had an incredible dinner party last night and made the steak and “potato sticks”… All raved about the meal! Delicious! Thank you soooo much! You rock!

— Heather Brown

I LOVED your cooking class Elana, and look forward to 1) cooking and 2) the next class!! You are so REAL and make healthy eating goals so much more manageable. THANK YOU!

— Donna Holloran

Thank you again for a perfect night. The food was wonderful, you were fabulous, the company was great…the first time is an event. The second time is a tradition. This will become one in our house!

— Sally Lapides

This makes me believe in myself.

— Cindy Apparicchio
after tasting the Green Monster Smoothie

I made Elana’s Turkey Meatballs and they were amazing! They vanished very quickly and even baby Lily loved them. I was thrilled to be eating something so healthy and also so delicious. (it’s great that you don’t need breadcrumbs!) Simply delicious!

— Laura Bialis
Filmmaker/Mother/Wife to a picky Israeli-Moroccan man who grew up accustomed to his mother’s extraordinary cooking

Elana and her cooking classes have truly changed my life and therefore the lives of my appreciative family and friends. As opposed to “only on special occasions,” our lives are regularly more delicious and fun. Elana is a magnificent teacher, which starts always with her true and beautiful heart.

— K.J. Luker
Pilates Instructor/Wife/Mother of Two

I attended one of your amazing classes with my group of girlfriends. I regularly make the dishes you taught us how to make and my family LOVES it!!!

— Andrea Sonnenberg

My friends and I went to class last night and had the best time! I highly recommend Elana Horwich! She does all kinds of classes – including “Dude Food” and “Gluten Free” – and she conducts her classes in the most beautiful kitchen.

— Allison

Thank you for a most beautiful and delicious lunch. Elana is an excellent chef. It was beautifully presented and delicious.

— Rita

Elana, thank you.  The food was scrumptious and the spiels were terrific. I hope I can entice my children to attend one of your dinners.

— Nettie

I made the lamb on Saturday and my husband was literally blown away. I’m making the chicken tonight!!

— Randy Hurwitz

I made your banana recipe for dessert today. So simple to make and yet, so good. Thank you! Keep up the good work.

— Samantha Barnett

Thank you Elana for the delicious recipes! Let’s do it again!

— Amy Suddleson

Thank you for this enlightening class! Delicious and fun. I so rarely cook fish – but am off to Citarella for a branzino for the kids today!

— Anne Prentice

I learned so much [in your Meatless Monday class] and I’ve already made the pickles (love them), the sauce with spaghetti squash, the peas and onions, and I’ve already bought myself a rice cooker and use it almost every day. I would love to come to more classes!

— Anonymous

Thank you for the most fabulous time … great food, lovely people, amazing teacher.

— Candy

Much like all the best hostesses, [Elana] had an amazing energy that enabled us to feel relaxed and at home right away. Perfect environment to cook/learn/have fun in!

— Kimberly Weinstein

I made the crostini with feta and mint tonight and they were devoured.

— Rachel Farahnik