Elana’s Secret Marinade Chicken Skewers



I had a man fall in love with me for this marinade.

I made it on our third date and with every piece of chicken that disappeared into his mouth, I watched his heart open up for me. Subsequently, every time I managed to upset him with some annoying idiosyncrasy of mine, I was sure to whip these up to regain his affections. I’m not sure if covering up the existing problems of a relationship with food is an enlightened action, but as far as I can tell it tends to work quite well with men.

Needless to say, show the man in your life you love him with this chicken.

Here is an easy recipe that allows you to prepare the skewers ahead of time so you can spend your day giving  loving attention to your man as well as the food.

Oh, and there is no rule that you can’t make this for the women in your life, or just for you!! xo 😉

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