Even a shlemazel can grow rosemary. I have absolutely no green thumb and  have been embarrassingly unsuccessful in the growth of all herbs, except for rosemary. It is a strong plant that can endure even the lazy and forgetful likes of me. It requires little water and though it should receive full sun, my plants thrive with only moderate exposure. The point: plant it. Lots of it. Especially if you’re lazy; you won’t have to go more than a few feet to get it. Plus its aroma is a stimulant and hence, might make you less lazy. (Though I doubt it.) Rosemary:

  • recommended for elderly people who have weak circulation.
  • supports healthy brain function and memory
  • can be a natural stimulant and mood enhancer, from the aroma alone
  • stimulates the hair follicles to grow faster, having a good effect on hair growth.

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