A warning about tomatoes. Yes, they have many beneficial properties which I, of course, share with you here. Yet tomatoes are not to be eaten in excess. They are highly acidic, particularly when cooked. (On the flip side, when cooked they also bring out the benefits of lycopene.) Over-acidic bodies are not healthy bodies. Western medicine is finally catching on to what the alternative health world has been saying for years: disease can only live in acidic environments.. Our modern world of processed food, processed water, free-radicals and an excess of proteins and carbs has made most of us overly acidic. Some people experience the affect directly in their stomach or with heartburn. The rest of us might not ever become aware until it is too late. Make tomatoes a regular but regulated addition to your diet. And don’t hate them. Love them. And this is why. Tomatoes:

  • are high in lycopene which is associated with the prevention of many different cancers including (but not only) prostate, lung and stomach cancer.
  • include lutein which is great for your eyes.
  • stimulate digestive juices, especially those in your pancreas.
  • are rich in Vitamin A, an essential nutrient for the development of healthy bone tissue.

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