Quick and Easy Pumpkin Coconut Milk Souffle Cups



Here is a warm luscious dessert that can be made super fast.

How fast?

Sooooo fast, that I decided to experiment with the recipe in the middle of a 30 Minute Meals Cooking Class. There is NEVER any extra time to add recipes in class, be it known. But we did it, right after grilling the lamb chops and sticking the salmon parchment packets in the oven. These souffle cups were a huge hit and now I am sharing the recipe with you.

Because they aren’t too sweet, I can imagine them served at an afternoon women’s tea. Of course they make a cozy light dessert after any meal as well.

P.S.- Don’t expect these babies to rise. They are not proper souffles, which means that you can’t mess them up!! Inside they will have a denser, but still fluffy and light, souffle type of feel.

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