Meal and a Spiel’s Most Popular Facebook Moments of 2013

ELEVEN. Two Italian men that swept me off my feet in the kitchen. Circa 1995. Federico (left) in Rome- my Italian boyfriend. Alessandro (right) in Milan- just a crush.


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TENWhat do you teach 9 Hot Mammas (off for the night from their kids and hubbies) in a cooking class? The Hot Tuscan Nights meal – otherwise known as “food for lovin’.”Roasted Cherry Tomato Crostini with Burrata, Sliced Steak with Arugula, Parmigiano and Balsamic Reduction, Baked Potato Sticks and Mini “Once You Go Black” Flourless Chocolate Cakes


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NINE. I’ve fallen into a fairy tale. Good morning Tuscany! Thanks to dear friends I will be staying here for the coming weeks to finish up the first draft of my cookbook. I look forward to sharing and connecting with you all from here. Xxxo Elana


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EIGHT. If the Meal and a Spiel cookbook gets published and if you get it and love it, please don’t forget the happy geek who wrote it for you! Bags packed, heading home today. Goodbye Italia.


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SIXBack home!! The trip to India, Thailand and Vietnam might be over, but the journey never dies. Looking forward to sharing all of the food and life insights I was opened to along the way.


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FIVEWARNING!: Coming to cooking class might mean you end up in the newspaper!
So honored to be featured alongside Jewish food queen Judy Zeidler, the brilliant Rob Eshman and other great minds in the prestigious Jewish Journal. In LA? Pick up your copy today and brag to somebody that you know us! 


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FOUR. Since another Jewish girl – Scarlett Johansson – was just named Sexiest Woman in the World, I just wanted to make sure the public sees this sexy outfit of mine!


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THREE. Putting the first of three prayers in the Ganges with marigolds and a candle. Goodness and love for the world, which includes Boston.


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TWO. On set. Video coming soon.


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ONE. Good morning Western Hemisphere! My mom and I saluting the sun on the Ganges. The saffron color shawls are to “attract the intellect of cosmic energy.”


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TOP VIDEO OF 2013. Why Non-Jews Should Celebrate Thanksgivukkah: Meal and a Spiel takes you to the inside of Thanksgivukkah and tell you what you probably don’t know.


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ELANA’S PICK FOR 2013Meal and a Spiel: endorsed by gurus all over the world. 


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