Thanksgivukkah Latkes with Butternut Chutney


Latkes: An Appetizer Party

Turn your Hanukkah dinner into a latke party. Latkes are often served as a side dish, which in my opinion is a mistake. By the time they get to the table, they are cold and ready for dead. Latkes are the emblem of Hanukkah and should be served when they are at their best: right out of the pan! Invite everyone into the kitchen to either participate in the making of them, or simply the eating of them. By the time you all get to the dinner table, everyone will be in great spirits.

What makes these latkes so good is that they are not filled with too much egg and flour, which would make them taste like they came out of the freezer section. These will be crunchy and juicy.

Some people ask if it is healthy to fry in olive oil. The answer: it’s not healthy to fry at all! I fry once a year- these latkes- and I would use nothing other than the best tasting oil on the planet: extra virgin olive.

And for Thanksgivukkah, serve butternut chutney on the side.

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