I’m sorry, but there are few things better in life than a good baked potato with butter. Yet the potato has fallen off the foodie culinary wagon because it is “ordinary” and considered “unhealthy and fattening” by my SoCal health-nut compatriots. Obviously, a daily intake of potatoes is not diet friendly. French fries are not good for your body; as per you soul its another issue. But the simple potato is not your enemy. He is a good trustworthy friend and secretly offers his nutritional goodness right under the yummy skin. Skinning a potato is so 1950’s. Keep the skin on for all recipes and appreciate the spud. Potatoes:


  • are alkaline, neutralizing the body’s balance.
  • has more potassium than bananas! (and hence are great for muscle health.)
  • contain high levels of Vitamin C.

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