Winter Stoner Snack: Satsuma Tangerines

Ok, I admit. I inhaled.

And I’m happy to announce that I will never run for president so you can set any fears aside that if you decide to accept me as an authority of sorts that you will be condoning  stoners running your country. Stoners are no good at politics. But we certainly are good at eating.

It’s not easy being stoned and hungry and knowing how to handle yourself. Everything becomes delicious and quantities become blurred. Desires go from salty to creamy to crunchy to sweet to chewy and then cycles itself over again, scratching to fix an insatiable gastronomic itch. It really takes an expert to know how to manage this situation. And for those of you who have seen my high school photos, you know that such a person has not always been me.

But here I am, a couple decades after my teens, still indulging in the juana of mari, yet far more civilized in my approach and far more wise in my confrontation with the munchies.  If toking up means eating until I’m sick, waking up with a food hangover and gaining weight, then it’s not worth the happy high, intuitive revelations and creative genius that I’m smoking for in the first place.

Stoner advice number one: Always keep healthy snacks on hand.

The satsuma tangerine is super juicy and sweet like candy. Unbelievably it fills you up more than you think. Really.

I am not someone who gets high and only eats fruit. I have a whole arsenal of healthy weapons to feed me when I’m stoned….creamy, salty, crunchy, etc, etc.   But I just discovered the amazing gift of the satsuma and it would be unfair of me not to share my findings.

Buy a whole bunch of them and keep them in a pretty bowl in your living room. The satsuma will satiate beyond what you might have thought.

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