The Wickedly Good Green Power Smoothie



I am one of those rare birds who hates breakfast food, at least in the United States. All of our typical breakfast goodies might as well have ambien planted in them. Eggs, oatmeal, toast, yogurt and granola, cereal with milk: these are foods that knock me out into a great nap. I need vibrance for breakfast, I need vitamins, and I also need protein. And I need all that delivered to me without dairy, without wheat and without eggs.

The Wickedly Good Green Power Smoothie came about after years and years of making smoothies in the morning. It never occurred to me to put actual vegetables in my smoothie; I had been using green powders, though I must admit I added them against the will of my taste buds. Sure I was able to mask the green flavor with banana, fruit and almond milk, but who knew how amazing vegetables would taste directly in the smoothie. Actually, many people already knew and have been doing this for years. But I always assumed actual vegetables would taste worse than dehydrated vegetable powders. I was wrong.

This recipe makes a large batch of smoothie, enough to share or to put the rest in the fridge for an afternoon pick-me-up snack.

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