Cucumbers need to be sliced thin or cut into small pieces. Otherwise they tend to get left at the side of the plate or at the bottom of the salad bowl. Right?  Cucumbers are not meant to be separate toppers, but rather need to be incorporated into the flavor and texture of the dish in order bring out their goodness. They add a cooling flavor, crunch and juiciness. I always peel my cucumbers because someone once told me they cause gas. That was all I needed to hear. Both the skin and the flesh are good for you so the choice is up to you.

Cucumber flesh:

  • is hydrating
  • is a kidney and bladder purifier
  • soothes an inflamed digestive tract

Cucumber  skin is…

  • rich in silicon, which is linked to higher bone mineral density.
  • high in chlorophyll, the natural blood builder.
  • bitter, which according to Eastern medicine traditions is an element that works as a liver and blood purifier.
  • can cause gas.

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