Finally a Bar that I Can Eat

Finding a heathy bar is a hard task. Whole Foods and the C0-op and other health food supermarkets are filled with them, but just because these bars advertise as healthy does not mean that they ARE. And even if, they are usually made with things that are not healthy for MY body.

I have allergies and my skin still breaks out which means I need to be careful with what I eat. I get low blood sugar, food often makes me sluggish and yes, I know I am sounding like a 80 year old kvetch, but if you kvetch too, then you might want to listen. I’m kind of a kvetch. And this kvetch needs breakfast, but this kvetch hates breakfast foods. Yet this kvetch has been told by every doctor she’s seen (the real ones and the natural ones) that she needs to nourish her body after fasting during nighttime sleep. (Haven’t fasted on Yom Kippur since I was 15, but I hope God is counting the long nights in which I don’t eat.)

By the way ladies…want to keep your eggs in good shape? Eat every 4 hours minimum to prevent low blood sugar, a necessary key to keeping those little girls fertile. (ask Sally!)

Cereal is out of the question because even if I eat a wheat-free, low-sugar one, the carbo load in the morning makes me want to go right back to bed. Eggs, for other reasons, do the same for me. Yogurt, I don’t eat it because of allergies. (Dairy causes mucus.) Hummus: now there is a breakfast I like. But what about when I forget to eat hummus and I have to leave the house in a rush and I know it will be hours before the next time I will be able to eat. What about my precious fertile eggs?

I need a bar!

But most bars are made with soy protein (majorly stagnates the body, causes mucus and messes with female hormones), are covered in chocolate (probably has dairy but even if it’s dark, I don’t want to eat it everyday or various reasons), are made with peanut protein (peanuts are notoriously known for having mold and for someone with allergies or anyone who is trying to keep a healthy flora balance in their system, peanuts are a no-no), have tons of dried fruit (which make them really sugary), are made with why protein (whey is a milk derivative and for us allergy folks, again, dairy is dangerous) and they are often filled with almonds, cashew and other nuts (not that these are bad, but for sensitive folks like me SEEDS are way easier to process.)

I will be frank. Sometimes I just want to bite into a Greens+ Chocolate and Peanut Butter Protein Bar, and I do. Yum. But I am so thankful to GoRaw for making this delicious Live Pumpkin Bar. It is just what the doctor ordered.

Pumpkin is one of the Meal and a Spiel’s Vigor Triggers