Seaweed: Nori


If you would have told me as a child that I would grow up to have seaweed be one of my favorite foods, I would have snickered at the idea right before I barfed on your face. But low and behold I have become one of those people. I like seaweed for same simple reason I like french fries, ketchup and popcorn- because it’s salty.  And when combined with other foods and the right dressing it can be like throwing a pack of m&m’s in a bucket of movie popcorn- both sweet and salty together. Yum.

Sea vegetables contain up to ten and twenty times the minerals of land plants and an abundance of vitamins.  As quoted from Healing with Whole Foods, ” Consider that our blood contains all one hundred or so minerals and trace elements in the ocean. Seaweeds contain these in the most assimilable form because their minerals and elements are integrated into living plant tissue. In fact, as a group they contain the greatest amount and broadest range of minerals of any organism, and hence make superb mineral-rich foods. ” Seaweeds are known:

  • to support the thyroid, as they are rich in iodine.
  • to reduce inflammation and even soften hardened areas in the body. According to ancient Chinese texts, “there is no swelling in the body that is not relieved by seaweed.”
  • to detoxify the body, removing radiation and other environmental contaminants
  • for cancer-fighting properties as certain areas of Japan have much lower cancer rates than in Western countries.
  • Nori: has the highest protein content of the sea vegetables (48% of its dry weight) and aids in the digestion of fried foods.

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