Prepared or Neurotic?

Going to India and Thailand means possibilities of all kinds of disease. I need to be prepared.

Is that I am a highly allergic, food sensitive, obsessively compulsive healthy eater or is that I have travelled a lot and know what I need? Two years ago I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and last year I trekked through the lower Himalayas of Nepal. As for supplements, my nutritionist/holistic health guru Sally Kravich has given me so much good counsel to keep myself healthy on these trips that on this one I already know what to bring. As for food, aside from the fact that I could become deathly ill from it, I am relieved that the cuisine in India and Thailand have little dairy, little sugar, minimal white flour,  lots of rice, beans and vegetables…a clean diet that my body likes.

Here’s my list of what I’m bringing. You decide. Prepared or neurotic?


I get SO hungry on planes! I eat the whole time I’m not knocked out by the Ambien.

  • Summertime Green Juice (from The Main Squeeze): Gotta get one in before I’m left for a month without. Direct vitamins and oxygenating green to my blood, a healthy boost to protect me from germs on plane. 
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers: My faves. Gluten-free, wheat-free, lots of seeds. to be eaten with:
  • Sunflower Seed Butter (I like Sunbutter): Protein and fills my belly. Plus I hate breakfast foods, so this way I can avoid them. My allergic self prefers seed butters to nut butters.
  • Alkaline Water (PH of 9 or 10, I like Tru Alka): Disease of all kinds likes acidic environments. So at the very least I should drink one bottle on the plane.


  • Odor-less Garlic Pills from Kyolic- One a day keeps the mosquitos away. They love me, or used to. I’ll show them who stinks!
  • Primal Defense Probiotics from Garden of Life- probiotics that don’t need refridgeration. Keeps the balance of intestinal flora…creates a foundation for a healthy belly and strong immune system. In theory I take them every day, even at home, but when travelling in the 3rd world, not taking them is not an option.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract from Nutribiotic- anti-microbial. Kills the little parasites, yeast, bacteria, before they grow. Reminder to self: Take everyday.
  • Cordyceps from Host Defense: A mushroom that boosts the immune system. Great preventative of colds, flues, etc.
  • Digestive Enzymes: My mother told me I have a Jewish stomach and I get it from my father. God forbid I eat too much, I take these.
  • Azithromycin– in case a get some serious diarrhea. Only if its really serious the doctor and pharmacist told me. Like if I might die.
  • Malarone (shown in photo at top with long generic name)- anti-malaria. Take two days before possible exposure and for a week after. I’m betting on there not being malaria where I go in Thailand. Telling you that so you’ll vote “Not Neurotic- Prepared!”

Salves and stuff:

  • Good Smelling aromatherapeutic Hand Sanitizer. Obviously.
  • Pure Remedy Original Salve: This stuff cures all my kitchen burns and any other skin infectious type of thing. I don’t know what I might need it for, but its a good thing to have.
  • Colloidal Silver Nose Spray: Natural way to cure an impending sinus infection. I have a Jewish nose (on the inside and outside). I get that from my mother.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: Don’t leave home without it. It will disinfect anything. I’ll add it to tea if I get a cold or flu. I’ll put it in my lotion if I get a sunburn. I use it in my mouth if I get a sore in there…from what I don’t know, but its works. I can use a little to make an dirty t-shirt smell fresh – (c’mon I’ll be sweating non-stop and don’t know if I’ll always have laundry).

Bon Voyage to Me. Wanna know what I’m doing there? Click here.