On Real Food

Since there seems to be some basic confusion on the subject, let me clarify. Just because you put something in your mouth, chew and swallow it, does not make it food. If it contains chemicals, preservatives, has been genetically modified, hormonally pumped up, sitting for eons in plastic, nuked in the microwave, or does not biodegrade when buried in the earth, newsflash: it is not FOOD!

It’s tasty stuff that fills your belly, yes, but don’t call it food or use it to make my recipes please. Modernization has changed our concept of food but our bodies are still running on the same old machinery. Our systems crave and need REAL FOOD.  Eating healthy to me does not mean abstinence; it means eating real and unprocessed food… using ingredients and techniques that were available to our ancestors.

The biggest issue surrounding real food is a lack of knowledge. Our country has rates of child obesity, child diabetes and hyperactive disorders that spike into the stratosphere. We need to be collectively responsible for the ingredients we put into our bodies and the bodies of our children.

After all, we would not give these children cigarettes! They will be running our country one day, and beyond that, it’s just not fair to jeopardize the health of innocent children.

The problem is, in our country, real food is expensive.

There has recently been debate on whether or not genetically modified foods should be labeled. I would go a step further. The government should subsidize organic and real foods, instead of genetically modified corn and soy, so that eating healthy is not a class and race issue.

That’s my spiel.

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