Carob was  relished by the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Unlike chocolate, carob does not have caffeine, the stimulant theobromine, or oxalic acid which might be linked to those pimples that chocolate can cause to us teenagers of all ages. Like many foods, carob’s beneficial properties will show themselves when eaten in the raw state. Carob chips obviously do not fall into that category but sometimes I just pretend that they do. (Raw carob powder is available at health food stores or online.)  Carob is:

  • alkaline (unlike chocolate) and hence helps to neutralizes the body’s chemistry.
  • naturally sweet and hence does not require the addition of much added sugar, a plus for anyone monitoring the glycemic index or spare tire growth.
  • has tannins that bind to and inactivate bacteria and toxins.
  • high in calcium and magnesium, which together are important for strong bones and teeth, as well as a good night’s sleep

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