Toasted Fennel Cauliflower Crisps



Ironically, I happened to be starving when I was inspired by this combination of flavors. A couple times a year I do a low sugar juice fast with the intention to rejuvenate my body and reboot my digestive system.  Call it hunger, call it OCD, call it insanity…I spend the whole time reading cookbooks, food magazines and watching cooking shows. I can’t be away from food for very long, so if I’m not going to eat it, I got to at least know about it.

I came across a recipe for cauliflower and fennel in a very old copy of Food and Wine that a friend had. I snapped a photo of the recipe with my iPhone and, when I finished my cleanse, I went right to it. The result was good, but it needed a little “something”.  And that something was a little sweetness. I smashed the cauliflower to bits and put it on top of a cracker that had figs and raisins in it. Voila`!  I got sweetness, but even more I got crunch. Pair that with the calm-winds-of-Provence sensation that the fennel evokes and please tell me, what more do you want in life after not having eaten in a week?

This recipe has been tested many times on people who are not dying of hunger and it has had the same affect on all of them. Love at first bite. I am posting this recipe due to popular demand!

Plus, it’s nice to have an appetizer that is vegetarian and doesn’t have cheese for once, right!?

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