Couples Date Night at Meal and a Spiel


noordinarymamalast friday i tried to surprise brandon with a date night.  this was really stupid because i suck at keeping secrets.  he knew that we were going out, but he didn’t know where.  i was really proud of myself because i had managed to keep the secret for two weeks, but then the night before i slipped:

brandon-  how was your day?

me- great!  so tomorrow night, when we go to our cooking class…

brandon- the surprise is a cooking class!

me- wha?!?!  i can’t believe i just did that!

brandon- cool!

me- i’m so pissed.  what is wrong with me?!?

although i was pissed at myself for not being able to keep a single thought to myself, i was pleased that brandon was excited about this date.  it was a class for couples called “hot summer tuscan nights” hosted through meal and a spiel.  we would be taking this class with other couples…2 of them we knew, 2 of them we didn’t.