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Why Feminism Should Get Back into the Kitchen

Cooking is a polarizing topic in the feminist movement. 

For many years, women were encouraged to get out of the kitchen and give up their traditional role as cook in favor of taking feminist movement into the workplace. 

Elana Horwich has a different take on the role that cooking plays in the feminist movement. 

As the founder and head chef of Meal and a Spiel, Elana believes that cooking empowers women. 

She has dedicated her professional life to teaching women around the world to tap into and channel their strength through cooking. 

Elana shares how she came to this realization and why the feminist movement should celebrate getting back into the kitchen.



Food is your Friend

It’s a simple fact of life: your body needs food for energy, strength, and survival. 

But, your relationship with food is anything but simple. 

There is so much fear surrounding what you should and shouldn’t be eating, as well as how much you should be eating, that your relationship with food has become filled with anxiety. 

Elana Horwich believes that you will be healthier if you can learn to love food rather than fear it. 

As the founder and head chef of Meal and a Spiel, Elana travels the world teaching people how to embrace healthy cooking and release their fears about food. 

She shares how her personal relationship with food has shaped her professional journey, and talks about why loving — not fearing — food is essential to living a wonderful and healthy life.