Paleo Pecan Crust Sunshine Pumpkin Pie



Because it tastes like the sunshine.

Your guests do not want to look at their watches waiting for the right moment to make a polite exit so they can go home and sleep away the culinary burden of the night. Lighten up the load. Add sunshine.

A little labor intensive to use fresh pumpkins, but honestly how many times a year are you making this?

I would recommend asking friends/family/dudes with some muscle who are looking to feel useful to join in for a few minutes of pumpkin cutting to make the process quick and fun. The crust on the other hand takes only minutes.

Filled with mother-earth love, especially if you go organic.

*The filling is adapted from Lisa Raven’s book In Season.

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One thought on “Paleo Pecan Crust Sunshine Pumpkin Pie”

  1. Avital Levy says:

    my mom and I made this recipe for Thanksgiving. It was delicious and even our gluten eating friends enjoyed it!
    Thanks for sharing it.

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