Woodsy and Rustic Mushroom Crostini



What is the trick to this recipe?

Three things:

Cooking the mushrooms with the whole branches of thyme/and or rosemary will give them a woodsy flavor. Go ahead and remove the leaves and smell the twigs themselves. You will know exactly what I am talking about.

Two, we are adding capers (preserved in salt, which have far superior flavor and people who hate capers still love these crostini, trust me). The capers add a touch of southern mediterranean rustic salty flavor. Imagine an island in the adriatic with azure waters and hot men and women, the capers carry that flavor feeling. And we are just using a touch…

I make all of my cooking students buy these capers. They make all the difference. Keep them in the fridge or pantry, they last forever.

Three, we are rubbing garlic on the bread as soon as it is toasted to give these capers just a little kick which ties all the flavors together.

As on all crostini, be sure to top with extra extra-virgin olive oil before serving or eating.

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