Vegan Ceasar Salad with Sesame Hummus Dressing



All Hail Seize-Her!

All Hail the unique mystery and power of women that will be passionately seized by this yummy salad.

All Hail the unique desire of women to crunch and crunch and crunch when we eat.

All Hail the other unique desire of women to find foods that we can crunch and crunch and crunch tons of without adding inches to our buxom beauty.

All Hail the illustrious deeds of women worldwide which will excuse us for the rest of time for being really really lazy in the kitchen.

All Hail the genius artistry of women who can be lazy in the kitchen and still make an amazing salad.

All Hail the gorgeous bones of women, strong enough to bear real live children, that will be strengthened further by the particular calcium/magnesium balance found in the sesame seeds that top the Seize-Her Salad and are also pureed into the tahini of the hummus dressing that lightly coats each piece of romaine with perfect creamy flavor.

All Hail.

Bon Appetito.

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