Summer Stoner Snack

Don’t pretend like you didn’t inhale. In California it’s considered medicine. It’s ok, we can talk about it.

And let’s face it, if you do smoke, you are going to want to eat. And if you don’t smoke, you are most likely capable of shoving late night cake into your face while standing at the fridge in your pajamas anyway. So leave a bowl of cherries there instead. They satisfy your body’s deep need for hydration and vitamins and do so in a juicy, tongue-happy way. They will actually help to replenish your stoner-self (or non-stoner-self) with the nutrients and antioxidants you need to feel chirpy in the morning. And in the moment of eating them you will think they are the best food in the world, particularly if you’re stoned. Obviously. Cherries are so so good. And they are only available seasonally, so get on it!

FYI, this trick is meant to be shared. Pass a bowl around at a dinner party after you pass the joint as a second dessert. (Watch everyone’s face light up!)

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