Strawberry Macedonia with Fresh Mint



Tired of having guests pass out in a food coma on your couch or get up to leave as soon as the meal is over? Dessert shouldn’t be an annihilation. This dessert is a pick-me-up that keeps the party going. Furthermore, everybody swoons and it only takes minutes to make.

Macedonia is basically a fancy name for a fruit salad, but as fruit salads go it doesn’t get much better than this. The trick: leaving it to saturate in its juices and flavors for a couple hours in the fridge. Take it out and voilà .

This is one of the few desserts I use sugar in, but I can’t help it – fruit with lemon and sugar was ingrained in me during my years in Italy.  I use powdered sugar because the first time I made it that was all I had in the house. I found that because powdered sugar dissolves, it leaves no grainy residue and can sweeten without overpowering the delicious tangy-ness of the strawberries and lemon or overshadow the cool wink of mint.

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