Spring Matzo Kugel with Artichokes and Peas



Within a twelve hour window, I received two emails asking me for a recipe for a Mushroom Matzah Kugel. I had never heard of such a thing, but once I committed to developing a recipe for it (you can get the yumminess here), I couldn’t NOT make one from more seasonal veggies that would articulate Passover and spring.

I call for frozen artichokes and peas. Why?

  1. Fresh artichokes are a massive pain in the tuchus to deal with. If I don’t have the patience, I assume you don’t either.
  2. Artichokes in the can or bottle are sitting in vinegar and this will totally change the flavor.
  3. Though taking fresh peas out of the pods is a way to practice the Zen and the Art of Performing Mindless Small Tasks, I also figured you were zen enough as is, or could become so with a glass of wine instead.

Most savory kugels call for at least twice as many eggs as I use and twice as much matzah. However the notion of eating all that AFTER the Hillel Sandwiches, AFTER the gefilte fish, AFTER the matzo ball soup was just too much. We are celebrating liberation from slavery- let’s not re-enslave ourselves with a matzah-rock of indigestion.

This kugel is light and DEEEE-licious. Enjoy.

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