Why did I get the message as a child that spinach was gross? I don’t think I ever even tried it until I was an adult. It’s mild flavor makes it easy to hide in the meatballs I make for my nieces and nephew, but I think if I sautéed it in olive oil and garlic (with salt of course), even picky Zachary would eat it. The real benefit of spinach is that you can buy it pre-washed and so it is a no hassle-ingredient. Spinach:

  • gives you Popeye muscles- duh.
  • contains high levels of chlorophyll, which is a natural blood builder and hence is good for anemia.
  • is one of the best sources of Vitamin K, a mineral needed for bone development and strength.
  • aids vision as it contains lutein.
  • is high in folic acid which is good for your hair and nail growth, for preventing certain cancers, and for fighting birth defects.

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