Spiced Nut and Cheese Hamantashen (Gluten Free Option)



I think I might have created the best Hamantashen ever. Really.

Basically these hamantashen are like a cheese and prune danish meets a nutty cinnamon rugelach.

Hamantashen cookies are so often not “wowers.” Plain dough filled with jam shaped in a triangle to mimic the 3-pointed hat of the monstrous Haman. As the advisor to King Ahasuerus, he called to exterminate all of the Jews of Ancient Persia.

Fortunately the king’s favorite wife Esther was Jewish so the whole thing was called off. Instead of mourning the death of thousands, we make cookies!

I figure as long as we are celebrating life, survival, the strength-brains-and-beauty of a woman, the aversion of a holocaust, La Résistance well, these better be some darn good cookies.

I started with a spiced honey and walnut filling that is similar to the inside of a particular Italian Rosh Hashanah treat called Sfratti. It could have been enough (dayenu) but it was a tiny bit too sweet. I have to thank Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen for encouraging me to add cream cheese into the dough. Since I already had some on my counter for the pastry, I figured why not add some to the filling too and cut down the sweetness with a little creaminess? It was a good idea. A very good one. You will see for yourself.

Whether you are celebrating Purim or not, here is an excellent excuse to make some really good cookies.

I included a gluten-free version, which is just as delicious.

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