Spiced Lamb Skewers with Tzatziki



The trick to this lamb,  as to all food of Byzantine origin, is to not over spice it. By letting it sit for a while before cooking you are giving each flavor time to make its presence known. If however you add too much cumin, for example, your food will end up tasting like an Arab’s armpit.  For all of you who fear that I might have just crossed some politically correct police line, I will have you know that back in the shtetl my great great great grandmother’s armpit smelled like gefilte fish. And that wasn’t the worst of it, so take it easy. Remember to be  gentle with the spicing so it can bring out the best of the lamb. The tzatziki is a delicious addition but if you’re too lazy, don’t worry, these skewers are amazing on their own. I opt for an oven broiled version because it’s easy, but if you have a barbeque, by all means go for it. They will be even better, if possible. In any and all cases, don’t forget the last sprinkling of salt when they are just finished cooking- it will take them over the edge.

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