Meet Your Cooking Teacher!

Want to indulge your cravings without an ounce of guilt?

11 Simple Healthy Snacks To Eat When You Have The Munchies

(that are also kid-friendly!)

You this video if you

  • Want to look and feel great without having to worry about what you eat.

  • Want to know the 4 foods to stay away from to optimize your metabolism.

  • Want easy recipes that can be made in minutes.

  • Have food intolerances and feel constrained by the pre-packaged snacks.

In this video you will

  • 3 salty and crunchy snacks

  • 3 salty and “fatty” snacks - good omegas!

  • 2 fruity and juicy snacks

  • 2 sweet and creamy snacks

  • 2 chocolatey snacks

  • 1 sweet and carby snack

  • And the 4 Foods You Should Avoid To Optimize Your Metabolism So You Can Snack All You Want

Elana Horwich, founder of the Meal and a Spiel cooking school, is an expert in making healthy food taste delicious.

But she is not into dieting, depriving herself or feeling guilty.

She created this video to share her most popular snacking recipes so you can indulge on your own terms without worry.

Voted 2016 "LA's Favorite Female Difference Maker"

Leslie Aslanian Williams
Scholarship Director.
Mother of three.

Elana, you are AMAZING!! You are especially hysterical with all the munchies talk. These snacks all look so good! I’d never thought about cooking with these ingredients but you make it seem so doable!

xoxo Leslie

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