Roasted Asparagus and Fresh Herb Frittata with Goat Cheese



This particular combination of flavors and ingredients has been a huge hit at numerous brunch events that I have catered for my mother (a scary critic) and she always loves it. In other words, you are good to go to impress who you like with this recipe.

Cook’s Note: What I love about this frittata is that in a relatively short amount of time you can easily feed lots of people brunch. Feel free to double or triple the recipe and leave this baby on the buffet. If you double/triple the recipe and cook it in a larger casserole dish or catering tray, just note it may take longer to finish cooking. It will be done when it stops jiggling in the center.

If you would like to make this frittata but aren’t interested in this large quantity, just cut the ingredients in half, or by four to about 5 eggs. Place in a smaller casserole, but note that it will be the thickness of the frittata that will dictate the cooking time. If it is thinner ift might only take 15 minutes. If it is in a smaller casserole dish and is quite thick, it could take longer. The important thing to note is that you are wanting to make sure the eggs are no longer runny. Just place a timer on and keep checking. Once you understand the cooking time of your unique casserole, write it down and make this dish over and over.

Fyi, Most likely the eggs will puff up when done– the milk helps it to do this.


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