Roasted Cauliflower



There’s not much to spiel about here except that when I was researching online to find out what temperature other cooks used to roast cauliflower, to my dismay I found that most put too much “stuff” in their recipes. Cauliflower already has a unique flavor and, when roasted, the slightly sweetish burnt-ish caramelization comes forth so beautifully that I can’t imagine adding garlic, cumin, chili pepper or whatever else in god’s name people tend to use to overpower, and hence ruin, this delicious vegetable. (I’m sure others disagree, in fact I know they do.) Let the cauliflower take center stage. It requires no more than olive oil, salt and pepper. The fresh lemon juice at the end will lighten the dish and send your taste buds into fervent applause.

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