Olive Oil Dark Chocolate Brownies



I set out the make the best and healthiest brownie ever and was faced with the following critical dilemma:

Do I make the most-delicious-possible health food brownie, or do I make the healthiest possible delicious brownie?

I opted for the second. I knew the answer as soon as the first batch, sweetened with dates, came out of the oven and was tasted. Quite good, but kinda gross. I don’t want my brownies to taste like some hippy made them at a health food store, even a really talented hippy. It’s that simple.

I want my brownies to taste like an Italian chocolatier made them and I’d like them served with a perfect espresso. And maybe a shot of grappa.

Rules for creating the healthiest possible delicious brownie:

  1. Use the best quality dark, dark chocolate and lots of it.
  2. Use the smallest amount of unprocessed sugar possible to make brownies just sweet enough, in this case ¼ cup coconut sugar.
  3. Replace some of the obligatory butter with a different fat that provides brain and heart healthy omegas- in this case, extra virgin olive oil which, flavor-wise, brings out the “dark” of dark chocolate.
  4. Replace white flour with a more nutritious choice- in this case, protein-rich, fiber-containing and free-of-gluten almond meal.


And there you have it. Enjoy!

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