Though mushrooms offer various health properties including blissfully fun psychedelic trips that might provide you with a godsent epiphany to drop out of life and move to Italy, as happened to me, I list mushrooms on this list with a warning. Don’t worry, I would support each and every one of you if you chose to drop out of life and move to Italy, due to a mushroom incident or not. I do have concerns, however, because fundamentally mushrooms are funghi. That means that people, and  there are many of us, who suffer from Candida or allergies or sensitivity to mold, should stay away from mushrooms as a general rule. I eat them as a treat when I know they promise to be particularly delicious. Different kinds of mushrooms have different health benefits, but in general, they…

  • increase your white blood cell count, hence strengthening the immune system to fight illness.
  • lower cholesterol.
  • protect against chemotherapy and other cancer therapies.
  • are rich in cancer-fighting selenium.
  • stimulate your metabolism and can be helpful in weight loss.

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