Superfood Berry Boost Smoothie



I can literally feel the cells in my body humming with happiness when I drink this smoothie.

I’ll admit, it’s not the prettiest smoothie. But there is no more delicious way to deliver body-boosting Vitamin C, antioxidants and oxygenating greens than this morning treat or afternoon snack .

When you add greens to your berries, you don’t get a bright colored smoothie that will win you likes on Pinterest. But despite the muddy color, the flavor is stellar. I have figured out how to hide the “green flavor”: a touch of orange juice!

I originally got the idea for this smoothie from my favorite health food store in Santa Monica, called The Co-op, and made it my own by adding Acai in  addition to the berries. Acai is a delicious South American superfood that is extra rich in antioxidants and wipes away any morning allergies or leftover sleepiness.  Everyone knows that spinach is good for you but not everyone knows about Spirulina.  It is a superfood algae (sounds gross, I know) that is full of health benefits and since it barely has any flavor, it’s a perfect non-noticeable addition to any smoothie.

Here’s to your health, in the yummiest way!

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