How to avoid the Thanksgiving food coma?

Eating less is NOT the answer this chef will give you!

Try these three tips, and they will totally change your holiday experience.

1.My secret weapon: Digestive Enzymes. They support your belly’s digestion so you will feel less full and bloated, and will have more energy after you eat. They are natural and gentle on your body. Take 2-4 as you sit down to eat. My favorite brands are on the Shop! page of the blog.

2.Drink low-sugar cocktails instead of wine, which can make you drowsy due to the sugars and fermentation process. Try my favorite “Clean” Vodka Lemonade. (Links to a how-to video)

3. Try a grain-free dessert, like my Paleo Pumpkin Pie. A carby dessert after all that stuffing can knock you out. Grain-free not an option? Take a couple more enzymes before dessert.

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