Ginger Lemon Honey Elixir



Getting sick sucks. And when you are feeling near-death you gotta be able to make yourself elixirs that require zero-to-no energy. If someone else is making this for you, even better. But let’s not give them too much work, because you might need them to serve on you for a few days!

You should ALWAYS have raw honey, dried ginger and lemons on hand. If you are out of lemons and are too sick to go to the store, just make this without them. You will have ginger tea, instead of lemon ginger tea. It’s all good.

Since I don’t cook with a lot of ginger, I often don’t have fresh ginger on hand. That said, I wish I did. Dried ginger does the trick too. It might make you sweat a little. That’s a good thing. It is moving energy through your body so it can heal.

Get better soon!!!



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