Fatty Fish (Salmon, Tuna, Black Cod, etc.)


The fact of the matter is we live on a polluted planet. Our seas are not as clean as they should be and our fish suffer. It is important to pay attention to mercury levels in fish and even more important to support organizations and campaigns that work towards a cleaner planet with cleaner oceans. We need our fish. I mean, we need to EAT our fish. Fish is the easiest to digest of the animal proteins and provides us with many important benefits that we need to survive in our less than pure world. Fatty Fish (Salmon, Fresh Tuna, Black Cod, Sea Bass, Halibut):

  • contain healthy Omega-3 fats that are important to heart health, brain health and regulation of blood sugar.
  • are an obvious source of protein
  • salmon, seabass and halibut are high in selenium (good for your joints and for the prevention of certain cancers like colorectal) and B Vitamins (brain food).
  • salmon is also very high in Vitamin D (bone strength and the prevention of various cancers like breast, colorectal and prostate)

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