Elana’s Perfect Cheese Plate



You don’t need to cook in order to feed your guests. Just choose the best quality items for a simple, yet fantastic, cheese plate.

Fyi, you only need to serve one type of cheese…if it is good, no one will be less happy. They will be thrilled that you chose a great one and that they get to eat it. Trust me.


Cheese Plate

  • Wood chopping block to put cheeses and jam on…and crackers and olives too if you can fit. The more knotted and rustic looking the better. But even if its just a plain old wood cutting board as I often use, it will look glamorously delicious once we get it all decorated with food!
  • Cheese: my favorites are always made from goat or sheep’s milk cheese but I have a few from cow milk that I also love for a cheese plate. You can always ask “the cheese guy” for a taste at any decent gourmet market.
    • Manchego (my go-to) – Sheep
    • Any Italian Sheep’s Milk Cheese, except Pecorino Romano – you want a touch less aged, i.e. softer…not super soft…but soft-er than Romano. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let it be. – Sheep
    • Humboldt Fog – Goat
    • Naked Goat – Goat
    • Drunken Goat – Goat
    • Boucheron – Goat
    • Feta – Sheep’s Milk is my first choice or Cow’s Milk Feta
    • Sharp WHITE Cheddar (don’t ever buy orange cheddar and double don’t ever put it on a cheese plate! Milk is not orange!) – Cow
  • Fig Jam: (available at Whole Foods or other specialty shops) If you can’t find fig jam, use another high quality jam that you would never have put on a PB and J as a kid. You don’t want strawberry cheese…just a hint of sweet fruit with your cheese.
  • Raw Honey*: if you can’t find fig jam or if you prefer. Raw honey will support the flavor of the cheese…regular honey will ruin it.
  • Olives: from an olive bar at a specialty market (canned olives are cheap and taste cheap.) Put a little dish on the side for the pits!
  • Crackers: there are many crackers that will go well, but far many more that won’t. Don’t use Ritz or any cracker you liked as a child. Look for a crispy, thin and rustic tasting cracker. My favorite: Mary’s Gone Crackers – Herb Flavor*
  • Wine: Go for a Chianti, Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, a Nebbiolo on a winter night, a Prosecco for a dry bubbly in summer or winter or a Sauvignon Blanc for a crisp nuanced white. Try D-Cantor Wines for online ordering of great wines at reasonable prices. Enter “elana” for free shipping under promotion code.

*You can buy these products online here.

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