Supercharged Green Tea with Matcha



This is my morning crack. I decided to eliminate coffee once and for all when I realized that it actually didn’t wake me up. In fact, if I ended up drinking too much in the morning I would find myself lightheaded and needing to go right back to bed.

Now that said, most of you would never forgo your morning cup of joe. I’ve debated making this spiel about the benefits of ridding coffee from your morning routine as it’s an expensive addiction nowadays, but the fact is I do not have it in me to fight that battle.

Be a coffee addict; it won’t kill you. (Although the pesticides coffee is grown with, the acidic stomach it creates and all the sh*# you put in it might do so.) I, however, am not about to take on the world’s largest addiction, not with my little tirade, not with my simple spiel. I know better than to take on addicts. Sadly, I’ve had to learn that life lesson the hard way.

Plus I must admit: I love a good strong cup of black coffee.

Supercharged Green Tea with Matcha, however, will make you happy. Don’t tell me coffee makes you happy. Go to any hipster neighborhood where they drink coffee all day long. Hooded sweatshirts covering sunken eyes. Miserable-looking might be the new cool, but it is not the new happy.

Green tea has been shown to release neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. With a double dose of green tea from the matcha powder and the tea bag, don’t be surprised if you immediately feel better, calmer and more alert after just a few sips. The toasted rice in the genmaicha along with the raw honey takes it right over the edge of hot beverage ecstasy.

Prepare for another addiction!

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