Crispy Tlayudas



Tlayudas (mistakenly spelled clayudas) are often described as the Mexican pizza of Oaxaca. To me, personally, the idea of a Mexican Pizza is gross. Pizza is Italian, Mexican is Mexican.

Just imagine a crispy tortilla topped with black bean puree, guacamole, salsa, crumbled cheese, shredded lettuce and cilantro. To me its a crispy open faced taco of sorts. I headlined Tlayudas in my Dude Food Class entitled Recipes for an Un-Tubby Hubby because this is what guys like to eat. I know this because amazing-but-too-young-to-marry Michael Blumenthal barely looked at his favorite chicken that I made for his birthday (now known as Mike’s Chicken), after scarfing down close to 10 tlayudas. Shoot, if I had known that sooner I might have had a lot more luck with guys in my life. I might not have been dumped by Todd Shtickinthemud (fictionalized name). I might even be married. I might even be on a second marriage!

So now I pass the trick of tlayudas on to you. Please use it only to seduce worthy men in worthy ways.

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