Coconut got a bad rap from the same “scientists” that promoted margarine. (I put scientists in quotations because many of the people that conduct the scientific research on food, or pharmaceuticals for that matter, are paid by special interest groups. I find it hard to believe that any sensible human being could ever “prove” that factory processed margarine is better for you than what grows on a tree. ) We now know that margarine will kill you and not only from the taste. Hence, it is also now time to reconsider the coconut. I highly recommend that everybody read The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife. Unprocessed coconut oil does have saturated fats but not all saturated fats are bad. Coconut oil has both the rare short and medium chain fatty acids which have numerous benefits to our bodies. Coconuts and coconut oil have shown themselves to:

  • be antimicrobial.
  • protect against heart disease, cancer, diabetes,  and arthritis.
  • strengthen the immune system.
  • increase semen. Maybe we should consider keeping a bottle of the oil in our bedside tables.
  • coconut oil can help stabilize blood sugar
  • the oil can act as an anti-aging therapy for skin, both when ingested and used topically*

*I once personally used it, in conjunction with lavender and tea tree oils, to cure a skin rash that a top dermatologist wanted to prescribe a 200 dollar ointment for. Rash was gone in a day and a half.

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