Cacao (Dark Chocolate)


The chocolate most of us grew up on wasn’t really chocolate. It was brown creamy sugar bars with chocolate flavor. As a Vigor Trigger, I am referring to the good stuff, to either pure cacao or artisan dark chocolate made of at least 60% cacao. Hershey’s Special Dark is not on this list. Be forewarned: Even the best and darkest chocolate bars do contain sugar which is not good for our bodies which is why my “Once You Go Black” dessert series is made of mostly very dark chocolate and only minimal sugar. Cacao (Dark Chocolate):

The Good…

  • contains loads of flavonoids which prevent clogged arteries.
  • the fat contains some oleic acid, the same heart-healthy fat found olive oil.
  • makes you feel good and perks up your brain

The Bad…

  • is highly acidic which creates a pH level in the body that welcomes disease as well as heartburn and an acidic stomach.
  • also stimulates Candida growth.
  • may become addictive.

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