Brown Rice


This whole notion of not eating carbs totally backfires for most of us. We avoid carbs until we feel starving and then eat a basket of bread in one swallow and decide the calories didn’t count because we didn’t intend to eat it. Plus inhaling is not really eating, right? Rice, brown rice, exists naturally on the planet because God intended us to eat it to make us strong. Sorry, all. Processed white rice just doesn’t cut it on the Vigor Triggers list. It is no more than empty calories. But brown rice is:

  • high in Vitamin B which is important for brain function and combating the negative effects of “stress, drugs and alcohol”.
  • rich in insoluble fiber which helps to lower cholesterol, as well as protect against heart disease.
  • just one cup has 88 percent of your daily value of manganese, a mineral that helps release energy from proteins and carbohydrates.

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