The Batch of Broth That Keeps Giving and Giving



With one fell swoop I whip out a root vegetable soup, a celery root purée, and I create the broth that will add the over-the-edge homemade feel that I am looking for in my stuffing. I then, of course, freeze the rest of the broth in containers that I take out to make risottos, others soups, and braised meats.

People often ask me if it makes a difference to cook with homemade broth. The answer, without doubt, without quiver in my voice, is YES.

Can’t I just buy broth? they ask.

Yes, you can. But do not expect to replicate the kind of food orgasms that are experienced in the country homes of Italian mammas. Do not expect to be nurtured down to your tiniest capillary by the goodness that only homemade broth delivers. And don’t blame me if your loved ones don’t appreciate you as royalty after you slave in the kitchen.

You think store-bought broth is no different than homemade broth because no one has ever taught you differently. You were wronged and now you are accustomed to packaged taste without knowing it. Your therapist can’t fix what’s been missing in your food. LOVE IS IN THE SOUP.

Please note, I speak to you as a person of great laziness. Lazier than most anyone I know. I was most definitely a fat, goblet gobbling Roman nobleman in my past life. Getting out of bed is a chore enough for a non-motivated person such as myself. Turning around to make that bed, knowing that I will just be getting into it as soon as I can, is not worth the effort. You, on the other hand, are probably someone who at least makes their bed in the morning. Trust me, you can make broth. Homemade broth is far less labor-intensive than bed-making and the rewards far exceed tucked sheets.


This batch of broth will provide you with:

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