Thyme Roasted Salmon



It takes only 8 minutes to make an amazing piece of salmon. You just stick it under your broiler.

(If you are thinking, “What the f*ck is my broiler?!” Just chill. Here’s all you need to know about your broiler.)

With the broiler, the salmon is cooked under very high heat and so needs less time in the oven. This translates to JUICY salmon. Be sure to use enough lemon juice to hydrate the salmon and also enough olive oil so that you can get some caramelization on the top.

This fish stays juicy so feel free to set it on a buffet, as I have done in my catering business many a time. That said, I have also been known to make one piece for myself as a snack. And for those of you want to try making  piece in your toaster over, I have heard from my cooking students that it comes out well. Just use the broiler function allow for a few extra minutes to finish the cooking.


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