What was the big hit at our seder? Elana’s roasted cauliflower!! I use her recipes all the time!

- Lori Tessel
V.P. Major Gifts, The Jewish Federation of Greater L.A./ Wife/Mother of two

The Rosemary Spiked Cannellini Crostini was a fabulous success! People were raving about it and I should have made double. We also made your Berry Cobbler and people were obsessed with it. Thanks for being my secret weapon.

- Rachel Rubin
Attorney at Law / Red Haired Flaming Beauty

I made the Puttanesca tonight. OMG. It turned out perfect.

- Cindy Koral
Badass Beverly Hills mother of 3/Grandmother of 1/Wife to a lucky man

Elana has taken the expertise she cultivated while living abroad 4 years in Italy and has lovingly built upon it to hone serious, extensive, and delicious, yet practical culinary chops. She welcomes you like a friend, and magnanimously shares her tricks of the trade– all with the passion, intellect, and sense of humor that would have your Uncle Earl inappropriately remarking how he’d give anything to be forty years younger.

- Caitlin Turner Durham
Artist/Teacher/Newly-Married Beauty

I made Elana’s Turkey Meatballs and they were amazing! They vanished very quickly and even baby Lily loved them. I was thrilled to be eating something so healthy and also so delicious. (it’s great that you don’t need breadcrumbs!) Simply delicious!

 – Laura Bialis
Filmmaker/Mother/Wife to a picky Israeli-Moroccan man who grew up accustomed to his mother’s extraordinary cooking

Thanks for an amazing time in your class last week. The food was yummy and now I can make some proper and authentic pasta when my friends are over.

- Carlo Shiny
Tabibi / Business Owner /Handsome Catch

Elana and her cooking classes have truly changed my life and therefore the lives of my appreciative family and friends. As opposed to “only on special occasions,” our lives are regularly more delicious and fun. Elana is a magnificent teacher, which starts always with her true and beautiful heart.

K.J. Luker
Pilates Instructor/Wife/Mother of Two

Before Elana I used to define cooking as standing over the sink to eat a sandwich. Elana makes it really easy to learn how to cook (even for me) and the food is unbelievably good. Her Coconut Carob Trail-mix Cookie is best cookie I’ve ever had, hands down!

- Julie Stout
Rolfer to the Stars