Roasted Cherry Tomato Crostini With Burrata



Ten minutes in the oven will turn ordinary cherry tomatoes from a gorgeous ripe fruit into an impressive act of love. And once placed on top of burrata cheese, on top of crusty bread, it is quite an experience to shove that love into your mouth.  You could serve porridge all night afterwards and still everyone would go home happy, talking about the appetizers.

This is not cooking. This is an assemblage of choice ingredients. Yet because it’s so easy and so so good, this recipe beckons a few thank yous…

Thank you to the farmers who raise the cows which make the milk that make the burrata. Thank you cows. Thank you to the landowners of olive groves who tend the trees which make the fruit that gives us the life force of food: olive oil. Thank you God for tomatoes. Thank you to the bakers that wake up so early to make us bread and to the truckers that make sure it gets to our markets freshly. Thank you to all food producers who fervently believe in high quality. Our lives would not taste or be nearly the same without you.

(Of course no one who eats these will think about that. These treats will be all about you!)

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6 thoughts on “Roasted Cherry Tomato Crostini With Burrata”

  1. Faryl Oschin says:

    So very thoughtful of you Elana! I wasn’t able to make it yet, but will remember your message of comfort when I do for family and friends.
    Loved the Meal and Spiel with Denise Geller and look forward to doing it again.
    Happy New Year!
    Faryl Oschin

    1. ElanaHorwich says:

      Faryl, I loved meeting you in the Denise Geller Class and look forward to cooking with you again. Lots of love, Elana

  2. Margo says:

    Dear Elana—I LOVE to coook, am one of the OLD (will be 80 in March) retired of FL. Cook every day. Deliver home cooked meals, mosttly soups, to anyone who’s under the weather…Am absolutely in love with your philosphy of life expressed in your writting. Wish I could come to classes, however, too far to walk. Wishing you luck and continued success. Margo

    1. ElanaHorwich says:

      Margo, thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your alignment with the Meal and a Spiel philosophy. I wish I could meet you in class, but alas, we will be linked though our mutual cooking and through the internet. Cooking is one of those thing that get better with age, so I am sure this is much I could learn from you! Lots of love, Elana

  3. chantal says:

    Could you please put me on your email list, Elana? I am a friend of Mary Shuler.

  4. D Green says:

    Thank you for teaching us how to make, and more importantly, pronounce this ridiculously delicious appetizer. Or is it a main course? Possibly, at our house. And breakfast item.

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